Survive to Thrive

In the era of COVID-19, VC Taskforce has developed a SURVIVE TO THRIVE initiative. We have several new programs that are highly relevant to the venture community at this time. We need to engage, support and find solutions wherever possible. Our programs help investors and startups by providing information from experts for their businesses in this pandemic.

Programs for investors only

Monthly Luncheon Series

CVC Forum Luncheon
For CVCs, investors, strategy and corporate development executives. Panels of CVCs discuss topics relevant to Best Practices for CVCs.

Venture Roundtable Luncheon
For investors and senior entrepreneurs. Meetings with LPs around starting a new VC fund and General topics of interest to Venture Capitalists.

Angel Lunch
For unaffiliated and affiliated accredited investors, VCs and CVCs. Topics of interest to accredited investors.

Bi-Annual CVC Conference
Recent Topics: Forming a New Venture Arm, Should CVC Invest in VC Funds?

ANGEL TRAINING BY THE ANGEL COMMUNITYStrategies & Tips for AngelsThis is a time for fun, learning and improving your investing prowess. What's rational investing? What's not? How can investing be systematized?
Learn what works and what doesn't from seasoned Angels.

Programs for investors
and startups

CVC Roundtable
CVCs discuss topics relevant to the startup community

Blockchain Series
Topics focused on blockchain technology and investing

Finding Your First Investor Conference
November 7th, 2019
If you’re a startup looking for funding, the FYFI one-day conference is for you! It’s a day filled with opportunities for you to pitch to investors who are looking for unique investment opportunities. You’ll also have the chance to network with investors and your peers. The conference features numerous investor panels, workshops, audience Q&A and different types of pitch scenarios.

StartUp World Conference 2020
Speakers. Workshops. Pitches. Networking. Connections. A day of speakers, workshops, panels, and pitching opportunities including lots of face-time with investors organized specifically to help startups in the funding process.

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