Angel Lunch

For unaffiliated and affiliated accredited investors, VCs and CVCs

October 22, 2019
Luncheon: 11:30-1:30
Location: Perkins Coie, 3150 Porter Drive, Palo Alto



Building an Angel Investor Portfolio

Every angel investor’s portfolio is different but how do you decide what is best for your goals and interests? What is an “optimal” portfolio? We will explore some views from experienced angels.

How does one get access great deals? Deal flow is important, whether you are an individual Angel or a member of an Angel Group.

Mistakes I have made – or “Don’t do what I did, do what I say!”


Rebecca A Fannin
Nancy Hayes
Former Managing Director, Golden Seeds

Nancy Hayes is a current, active angel investor with a portfolio of 22 investments. She serves as a mentor to women entrepreneurs by providing feedback on their strategy and pitch deck, advising them on how to present to investors and providing introductions where appropriate. She has also taught Introduction to Angel Investing.

She has been a senior executive of the IBM Corporation for almost 20 years, CEO of two social services nonprofit organizations, Dean of the College of Business at San Francisco State University, CFO of that university, cofounder of a rewards-based crowdfunding site and Managing Director of Golden Seeds angel group Silicon Valley chapter. Nancy has an MBA from the University of Chicago and lives in San Francisco.


Adrian Rich
Adrian Rich
Partner, Perkins Coie

Adrian Rich has more than 15 years of experience counseling high-growth, emerging companies and their investors. With an education in biomedical engineering and economics and a lifelong passion for computers and programming, Adrian brings a deep technological understanding and a unique approach to counseling clients from inception to exit, as they undertake financial and strategic investments, licensing, strategic partnerships, acquisitions and public offerings, as well routine corporate matters. He tackles complex negotiations and issues, including deal structuring, reorganizations and down-rounds, using strong quantitative skills, coupled with creative problem solving.


11:30-12:00 Registration, networking and Lunch
12:00- 1:30 Speakers and attendees discuss the topic
1:30- 2:00 Networking

Brenda Swiney, Aparna Pujar
Angel Information Program Co-Chairs

Virtual Attendance available.

During registration you have the opportunity to submit questions would like addressed at the luncheon


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